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Flyfish Pristine Rivers and Lakes

August 16, 2019

Do you like to flyfish?  Or, have you always dreamed of casting a fly rod on a pristine river in the mountain west region?  Now is your time to experience legendary flyfishing in a beautiful portion of the Northwest Colorado rivers and lakes region. 

Steamboat Springs (and the surrounding area) is home to many beautiful rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs.  Whether looking to fish in the heart of downtown on the Yampa River, or hike into the alpine lakes and fish in the deep aqua blue water.  Steamboat has it all.

I first recommend stopping into one of the local fishing shops to chat about the water and what bugs are currently hatching.  This will help determine what flies to use at certain times of day.  The fishing shop has all the gear you will need if you are a newbie and need to rent equipment.  They can also take you out on a fishing excursion if you are interested in booking a guided trip.  If you want to explore and give it a try alone, they will certainly be able to point you in the best direction for public access on a fishing stretch that runs 7 miles throughout town.  I recommend Steamboat Flyfisher (located directly on the river on Yampa Avenue and 5th Street).  Other noteworthy shops are Straightline Sports and Bucking Rainbow.

Be sure to also pick up a Colorado fishing license while you are at the shop.  If you are a Colorado resident, you can get a year license for under $40 that is good until the following March 31st.  If you are not a Colorado resident, non resident licenses are about $10 a day.

If interested in exploring the mountain alpine lakes, pick up a Zirkel Wilderness map to explore hikes off of Buffalo Pass, Rabbit Ears, and the Zirkel Wilderness area north of Steamboat in the town of Clark, Colorado.  This option may require some hiking and appeal to the adventurous soul.

Whatever fishing option you choose, fishing season is upon us here in Northwest Colorado and there is no better time to give this fun sport a try.


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