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Running Through Fields of Green and Snow-Capped Mountains: Steamboat's Marathon

May 30, 2018

“Top 10 Destination Marathons in North America.”

I have heard the Steamboat Marathon claimed as the 'most scenic run in the Rockies.'  And, I can attest to that claim as a 3 time participant in the half marathon.  It is definitely on my bucket list to complete the full marathon.  

Imagine running through fields of green, snow-capped mountains, and gazing out at miles of pastures filled with frolicking horses.  Running from the historic village of Hahns Peak along County Road 129 where you meander through the Elk River valley into downtown Steamboat Springs.... all while the cool mountain air is at your back.  The Steamboat Marathon has been claimed the 'most scenic run in the Rockies' for this very reason.  It's breathtaking.  Absolutely breathtaking.  If you are a marathon runner or have ever thought about running a marathon, the Steamboat Marathon is an amazing run to add to your bucket list.  


If a full marathon feels to daunting or out of the question, might I suggest running the half marathon or 10K.  I love the half marathon so much that I sign up for it almost every other year, just because I can't get enough of the views.  The support with aid stations and the exhilaration of running into downtown Steamboat Springs where a welcoming crowd cheers along side feels so special. 

I've never regretting running the Steamboat Half Marathon - even through the pain, the scenery and people only bring good vibes.  I can't wait to run the full Marathon and dare you to sign up with me next year!  There are still spots available for those energetic runners - the 10K is also a great last-minute option.  The finish area downtown on 6th street at the courthouse is fun for the whole family.  There is even a kids fun run that's FREE to sign up.  For more information, visit www.steamboatmarathon.com and book your trip now while Steamboat is in the most beautiful majestic start of summer.

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