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Steamboat Gearing up for 107th Winter Carnival!

February 4, 2020

With over 250 inches of snow so far this season, now is a great time to enjoy winter in Steamboat!  January proved to be ‘nothing but powder’ as it snowed about 20 of the 30 days of the month.  It seemed like almost every morning I was shoveling my way out the door.  With a shoveling sigh, I turned the frown into a grin knowing the mountain was relishing the fresh snow for all of the powder hounds.

February sunshine has returned, however more snow is in the forecast this week and it is coming at a great time.  Taking place this week is the 107th Winter Carnival from Wednesday, February 5th through February 9th.  Did you blink your eyes to see if you read the number 107 correctly?  Well you did… this annual event has been taking place for over 106 years here in Steamboat with many of the traditions still alive!

The Winter Carnival was originally started as a way to help residents cope with the long winter and ‘cabin fever’ in the remote areas of Northwest Colorado.  The event continues to this day for the very same reasons; as a way to celebrate winter, for neighbors to gather and an opportunity for visitors to also experience a piece of history here in Steamboat.

The celebration includes a variety of events that embrace the western heritage and highlight the tradition of winter sports.  It is a very unique winter carnival in a sense it includes a variety of fun activities for people of all ages.  From kids being pulled on skis behind horses down the snowy mainstreet, to the famous showing of the Lighted Man at the Night Show Extravaganza. 

Saturday and Sunday of February 8th and 9th are the highlights with the Street Events and the Night Extravaganza.  Keep your eye out for the crowd favorite on Sunday late morning with the Donkey Jump that sends kids soaring off a jump up to 40 feet, as well as the only parade that displays marching band on skis.  Steamboat could make big news at the Night Extravaganza as the World’s Biggest Firework is being attempted to release. 

Definitely put Winter Carnival on your bucket list with a visit to Steamboat.  For more information, check out https://www.steamboatchamber.com/events/annual-events/steamboat-winter-carnival/schedule/1929625_601239109934_685_n


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