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Steamboat Opening Day was a Success!

December 13, 2020

It finally arrived. After an abrupt, quick halt to ski season last March, I was not sure if ski areas were going to be able to open this year given the pandemic circumstances. There was talk, emails and social media counting down the days until ‘Opening Day’ but I kept myself cautiously optimistic with the reality of the challenge. I did not want to set my ski-passion-driven-heart up for failure if the resort did not open. I prepped myself the week leading up to the big day with reserved anticipation. I felt like at any point it could be postponed. I would be understanding if that was the case. As after all, safety and health is the most important factor.

Then, the Monday evening of November 29th (the night before opening day), it was like getting ready for Santa to visit. Giddy. Joyful. Thankful. SO EXCITED were the feelings going to bed that night. Finally, ski season was here. That Tuesday morning of December 1st was an amazing first day on the mountain to ring in the start of 2020/21 season ahead.


Can anyone else relate with me on this nervous anticipation? This past year has taught is to not take anything for granted. The simplicity of life and the little things that bring us passion and joy. When the ski areas (and our way of ‘normal’ life) shut down, it was a reminder at how real and severe this pandemic has been. I have so much gratitude for the people that put their health and safety on the lines every day. From healthcare employees, to front line workers; they are true heroes. I also have immense gratitude for places like ski areas trying to save another winter season by changing operations to find a way to open in a safe manner. 

I have been so impressed with the Steamboat ski area Covid-19 safety protocols. I had a really enjoyable experience skiing at the resort on Opening Day (and a few days since), all while feeling safely distanced from other skier and riders. I felt and continue to feel like the Covid-19 protocols have helped keep us all safe. It is now up to us to abide by the rules to keep the mountains operating all season. I know we can do this; collectively if we all do our part. We can continue to have our passions of skiing and riding. Wear a mask. Stay at least 6 feet apart. Wash your hands/use hand sanitizer. Stay home if you are sick. We can do this!

Mother Nature surrounds us with her natural outdoor beauty and being on the mountain is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty. My heart is overjoyed at the start of this ski season and I hope you too can find solitude in the mountains or outdoors. For more information on booking a trip to Steamboat this winter, visit www.steamboat.net



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