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Steamboat reports 27 inches of new snow in 48 hours

January 6, 2017

The 2017 new year has started off well in Steamboat Springs, where the resort reported 15 inches of new snow on Thursday morning, after receiving a foot the day before. The 15 inch day is significant so early into 2017 because in the entire year of 2016 the most Steamboat had reported was a 14 inch day* We're only five days into the year and we've already surpassed last year!

For those waking up early in Steamboat on thursday morning, the powder pounding was on. Lifts were a go with locals and visitors getting in as many laps as they could in the deep snow. 

Here's a video Steamboat Resort posted to its Facebook page on Thursday

"What a week it's been," wrote Michael Phelan, who is a coach at Coach at Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. 

"Can't wait to get there!" wrote Pauline Lamond.

The massive amounts of powder prompted the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association to cite the Powder Clause:
"in the course of human events, and especially when snow falls at Steamboat Resort; it may become necessary for individuals to cast off the constraints of work and exercise their inalienable rights, including but not limited to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of powder days."

It looks like Steamboat is in for some sun to go with all that powder and then another storm won't be far behind that one. Before the 15-inch and 12-inch powder days, there was a 5-inch snow day before that. So the base right now is up to near a whopping 70-inches, and with 3,000 acres open, Steamboat is the place to be for skiers! It's truly a winter wonderland right now. 

*Source: onthesnow.com

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