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Top 10+ Steamboat Summer Fun

August 22, 2018

Summer days are still in store as we head into mid-August.  Don't let the start of school have you thinking summer is over.  Now is the perfect time to retreat into the green mountains and warm days of Steamboat.

Read below for a top 10+ list that procedes the top 10 summer list previously written about.  You may just want to venture back to the Boat to take in summer bliss.

1.  Golf at one of the beautiful 18 hole courses

2.  Attend a Strings Music Festival concert

3.  Go to the Farmers Market

4.  Enjoy river dining on Yampa Street

5.  Hike to the second falls at Fish Creek

Fish Creek Falls

6.  Smell the blooming flowers and plants at the Botanic Park

7.  Take a dip at Old Town Hot Springs

8.  Shop downtown

9.  Take a scenic drive to the Flat Tops Wilderness Area

10.  Visit the Art Galleries

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